The Ascension Choir

Church of the Ascension has a long tradition of beauty and excellence in worship, enhanced greatly by the work of the Ascension Choir. The choir consists of both volunteers and paid professionals, who offer the musical talents given by God to His glory in worship. In addition to music for Sunday mornings, the choir offers music for all major liturgical services, All Saints’ Sunday, and various concerts throughout the year.

Members of the choir are encouraged to sing as though joining their voices with the company of heaven in worship. Although we strive for excellence in all that we do, it is in the sincerity of our offering our efforts and talents to God that He is able to accomplish what He wills. In our worship, we are prepared for our service to the world, through healing, deliverance, guidance, and inspiration that occurs when we enter God’s presence with praise and thanksgiving.

Membership in the Ascension Choir is preceded by an interview with the Music Director Rebecca Taylor.

Let the voices be heard

Salisbury Residency

In 2014, the Ascension Choir was invited for a week’s residency at the Salisbury Cathedral in England. The Choir sang Evensong every afternoon in the cathedral and, along with 17 “groupies”, traveled each day to a nearby site. What an incredible experience we all had as we shared worship at Church of the Ascension with the world.