The Vestry

The Vestry is a deliberative body responsible for setting policy and overseeing the finances and administration of the church. In addition, each member is assigned an area of special responsibility such as “Education and Formation,” “Outreach,” “Music and Worship,” etc. Vestry members serve as liaisons between the leaders of these ministries and the Vestry.

The Vestry consists of twelve trusted servants elected from the parish membership. Each member of the Vestry serves a three-year term. Four new members are elected every year to form a new “class” and four members who have served for three years rotate out.

A Senior Warden is elected from the third year class each year. He or she acts as the Senior Warden (chairman) for the Vestry with a range of administrative duties.

A Junior Warden is chosen from the second year class and is charged with the care of the church’s physical plant.

Persons who serve on the Vestry are expected to be leaders of the parish by their example of faithfulness in worship, generosity of sharing their time their resources, and by inspiring their brothers and sisters in the building of their community of faith.

Class of 2020:


Andrew Akin, Senior Warden

Laura Brendle


Susan Copeland


Henry Weatherly


Class of 2021:

Brittney Calhoun


Lacy Gibson


Nick Mielke

Nick Meilke


Glenn Sylvest


Class of 2022:


Elizabeth Conner


Frank J

Frank Johnston



Gil Steindorff



Peter Waldo


Clerk of the Vestry


Matt Bledsoe