Men’s Prayer Breakfast

Men’s Prayer Breakfast
Thursday Mornings at 7am
Ascension Hall

Media Bias

Knowing the political bias of media outlets allows you to consume a balanced news diet and avoid the temptations of skewed information.  Everyone is biased but hidden media bias can mislead us and divide us.  Throughout the six weeks of Lent, we will explore what media bias is and how it interprets “truth”.

Week One: How does All Sides rate media bias and why is it important to understand to understand the bias of various media outlets?

Week Two:  What does it mean to consume balanced news and is that always helpful?

Week Three: Why might “center” rated media outlets not be better sources of news?

Week Four: What causes ratings to change and how does that impact our consumption?

Week Five: How would you rate your news bias?

Week Six: how does your news bias help in the growing of community?

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