Week Five: Smarter Sources


Have you cleaned up some of the clutter in your media use? We invite you this week to focus on the way you source information related to politics, news, and your local community (as opposed to entertainment). How do you inform yourself about global, national, and local events? As the Body of Christ, we are ministers of reconciliation in a world that longs for peace. This week, let’s commit to finding sources that help us maintain the truth and love we need to live into that ministry.

Week 5 action points:

  • Can you recognize the difference between a good argument and emotional manipulation? Make a habit of noticing when sources rely heavily on shortcuts to persuade, and avoid depending on them. (Check out these resources ((insert hyperlink to expanded resources for week five, see below for some content)) for some tips on telling the difference.)
  • Name where your primary sources for news and information fall on the media bias chart  (link https://adfontesmedia.com/ad-fontes-media-releases-new-media-bias-chart/) in terms of their political orientation and accuracy? Can you name your own biases (beliefs about how people and systems tend to work, and what kind of solutions are most helpful to social and individual problems)? Do your biases affect which sources you trust? For the rest of Lent, try to use only sources with a high degree of accuracy that are closer to center rather than leaning heavily left or right. If this is a change for you, notice any impact on your attitude or thinking.
  • What kind of fruit does your news intake produce in your life? When you read or listen to or watch the news, how do you feel about the world, your community, and your role within it? If you notice that you respond by feeling frightened, embattled, angry, or helpless, what changes might help you stay informed without triggering those responses? You might consider going to a different source, accessing the news in a different format, or at a different time of day, cutting down on intake, or balancing your news intake with content that will encourage you to get involved and make a difference in your community.


Week Five Prayer: God of wisdom and every good gift, help me to be a good steward of my understanding. I ask you to give me wisdom to seek out truth in a way that will serve your calling for me and my community.

Prayer Request