Week One: An Invitation to Notice


This week, we invite you to notice and name your information habits and how they relate to what you believe is God’s call for you.

Part of loving God and our neighbors well involves how we use our minds–including the way we take in and process news, entertainment, and other media. Before committing to a fast or discipline, take stock of your relationship to information. Where do you turn for news, political commentary, education for work or life, social connection, and entertainment? How does that support or impact who God wants you to be in the world?


  • Set aside some time one or two days this week to consider what kinds of information you seek out during the day, how and when you access, and how it makes you feel about yourself and your community. How much of your media use has a deliberate goal, and how much is distracted or mindless? Which elements help you connect meaningfully with your community? If you find yourself using a smartphone for some of these, look for the screen time feature on your phone for a breakdown of exactly how you’ve been spending your time. A family member or coworker might have insights that you’ve missed.
  • Write down what you’ve noticed. Then, name how your specific habits support or impact the things that you feel are most important to your life and calling. Begin to consider if there are any areas you want to change or take a break from in order to invest more deeply in your spiritual life.
  • Most importantly, pray daily. Ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of God’s desire for your life. Ask for help noticing and naming your habits and priorities specifically in the area of information and media.

Week One Prayer: God of truth, love, and wisdom, guide my awareness and intentions this week. Give me confidence in my calling. Help me to see where I might make changes to better live into Your plan for my life.

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