Week Two: Taking an Intentional Break

Week 2 Taking An Intentional Break

So now that you have begun to notice and name some of the spaces in your life where “information” may seem like it is invading in one way or another, let us look at the possibility of taking an intentional break from certain sources of information or from “screen time” all together. Take a look at the following practices and consider how you as an individual or you as a member of your family and/or social circles might benefit.

  •  REDUCE 
    • “Cut back” on overall time spent on social media, traditional news outlets, radio, and television. Set limits on the time and frequency of checking your email, the news, and social media. For example, limit yourself to 30 minutes a day of screen time or check emails and news only once in the morning and once in the evening. 
    • Commit to Lenten “quiet car rides.” Reserve the time that you spend in the car as “quiet time.” Listen to the sounds outside of your vehicle. Tell the kids that instead of watching a movie we are going to enjoy listening to each other. Use this time to pray for people you see in traffic. 
    • Listen to instrumental music instead of the television while cooking your next meal or performing chores at home. 
  • DELEGATE –  Prioritize actionable information from trusted sources via channels you can consume more easily, for example, podcasts and newsletters. 
    • Create a Wellbeing podcast library(link to list on page 2)
    • Regularly review subscriptions, both print and digital, that no longer serve you and delete yourself from those mailouts (digital declutter).
    • Have a place to save content like Pocket a, browser add on and a mobile app, that allows you to save articles for later reading.
  • FAST –  take extended breaks from information consumption and social media. Engage in other activities that nourish your mind and body. This might look similar to “taking a break.” You might fast from news, radio, social media, and/or television for blocks of time (morning) or a full day (on Sundays). When you are tempted to “scroll” or get lost going “down a rabbit hole” then you might do something else entirely.
    • Prayer 
    • Read a book
    • Listen to music
    • Meditate
    • Exercise
    • Foster relationships

Week 2 Prayer: Lord, you know all that is before me and all that needs to be done. Help me to know when it is time to pause, time to turn, and time to stop. Draw me nearer to You.


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