Week Three: We invite you to contemplate why you choose your information outlets.

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  • Week Three: We invite you to contemplate why you choose your information outlets.

Week Three: We invite you to contemplate why you choose your information outlets.

Whether one chooses to spend their spare time on social media or watching television, we are constantly bombarding our brains with information. Why do we choose particular outlets and how does that inform our way of being? Am I looking for information or entertainment and how does that impact the way I see the world, my family, my church, my coworkers, my friends and all others who I encounter? Do I prefer to avail my time to social media, television or various streaming services and what is it about these particular outlets that attract my attention?

What do I want to make myself aware of this week?

  • Am I looking for news or entertainment? 
    • Various outlets refer to themselves as news sources. What kind of information am I looking for in my news outlets? Do I want multiple sources of biased information or am I looking for the most unbiased information I can find?
    • Am I looking to avoid the news and as a result take advantage of other programming?
  • Whether I am looking for news or entertainment, which methods of information delivery do I prefer and why? 
    • What is my preferred method of seeking information?(internet/social media or television/streaming services)
    • Am I looking for outlets that reinforce my biases? Why do I want my information outlets to support my tendencies? What do I do with this information and how does it impact my relationships with others?
    • Why do I choose my entertainment programing? (educational, entertainment, or both)
  • Am I looking for opportunities to be involved?
    • Am I looking for ways to take action on things that are important to me? What are ways that I can use information to create impactful opportunities within my community?
    • After my information consumption am I aware of anything new or have I simply been able to rest or do I feel stimulated?

Week 3 Prayer: God of all love and compassion, you know our hearts and call us to you. Send us discerning minds that our desire to know you may strengthen our relationships with one another, so that we might reflect your light and love into the communities we serve, through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who gives us the courage and conviction to be beacons of hope in the world. Amen


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